How to install Block Collections into your Design Library.

HOW TO INSTALL BLOCK COLLECTIONS INTO YOUR DESIGN LIBRARY. STEP 1. Step 2. Login to your WordPress Website that you wish to install the collection. From the Dashboard add a new page. On the top left you will see DESIGN LIBRARY. Click on Design Library. Click on the Cloud Connect + Sign. You will have…

Coda – Colors and Fonts.

Colours Pallette #1 Main: #D3AA9A # A6AEB7 #000000 #192231 #A6AEB7 #A6AEB7 #F9F7F6 #FFFFFF Fonts Base Font – Karla Main Headings font – H1 Cinzel H2 – H6 Poppins Script Font -Alex Brush For a more in depth tutorial on how to use the Kadence Color Theme Palette CLICK HERE

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